free and immediate access to consultancy, support and business solutions

SSN gives you and your clients access to services throughout your business journey. What’s more, we help you analyse and pursue new revenue streams using our support!


  • Instant Consultancy and Insolvency Advice
  • Client Retention Support for Captive Client Networks
  • Real Time Risk Management Services
  • Instant Access To Finance
  • Instant access to Utilities, telecoms, broadband and payment processing services
  • Instant access to Outsourcing including HR, Payroll and recruitment services
  • Referral Programme With Benefits package

What We Do

SSN brings your business the strength, knowledge & ability to succeed through the Consulting Powerhouse of Savants – free registration too!

Covid-19 means UK businesses are facing an economic downturn across all sectors. Our Powerhouse team at Savants have acted swiftly to grant SME’s the ability to access expert consultancy services free of charge and very quickly.

SSN hosts solutions to suit any problem, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are only seconds away from the answer you need.

Our team are driven to bring cost effective solutions to protect and grow your business over the long term, working directly with you to ensure the wants and needs of your business are met.

Whether you require finance, looking to cut costs or have a desire to branch into new markets pursuing new revenue streams, SSN are here to help you!

“Joining the Savants Support Network gives you confidence for your business by providing you with the tools required to succeed giving business owners the vision to tackle problems proactively and build solutions for the long term”

Are you an
Accountant / Accountancy Firm?

As part of the SSN Business services package, we help you support ongoing businesses and new start up businesses with any required services all under one roof. With solutions for Utilities, Broadband, Telecoms, Card Machines available, SSN allows both you and the client to look no further. The network also allows access to outsource services for HR, Recruitment and Payroll and Advertising to meet any requirements of your client.

Business planning for new businesses is imperative and as part of our refer back scheme, we look to actively engage with Accountants to uptake both new clients generated by SSN and business planning services in your area.

The key is that you maintain full control of your client throughout any process with SSN here to support you and your firm.

If your client has struggled to obtain finance or current lending is becoming a struggle each month, the option to refinance may be a consideration. We give you direct access to our Powerhouse team of consultants across the UK that can assist you with finance, turnaround, restructuring and general business support today!

Should refinance not be a viable option, we offer MVL and CVL applications from as low as £750.00 plus VAT. This brings confidence that an already struggling client does not have to over stretch further when looking at closing their business.

During any business closure, work with yourself and the client to ensure a streamlined transition from closing business to starting up their new venture, removing concern/uncertainty from any process. We pay you a statement of affairs fee for any referred client!

Joining SSN allows accountancy firms to offer all services from start up to shut down, without the requirement to employ more staff. Your membership is free with additional referral bonuses included, Register below.

Savants Ongoing Support

Real time Risk Management Solutions

SSN utilise real time Risk Management systems allowing businesses to closely monitor your ongoing financial relationships.

Don’t wait for information being surrendered from your recurring clients and outstanding accounts, let SSN monitor this on your behalf.

We offer early indication of detrimental changes to your client base and will assist in implementing changes to retain your captive clients!

Registration with SSN will give you a free early warning alert for your own business and with the network support, we make your problem our problem.

Apply for Finance in One-Click

Through the network, you can apply for finance and refer clients via your online portal.

SSN gives access to over 200 UK lenders for both prime and sub prime lending. We offer Invoice Finance, Asset Finance, Merchant card advances, Business loans, Property finance, bridging / short-term finance, development finance and more bespoke solutions to meet a clients needs.

If you’re an Accountant or business for example, you can offer Savants Finance to your clients with just a click of a button. 

Finance is only the start, register below and discover the new horizons for your business!

Apply for Utilities / Telecoms / Broadband / Payment Processing Solutions in One-Click

Through the network, you have access to bespoke Business Solutions to suit all your needs. We compare all of market to align your business with the best deal possible. If would like to discuss moving your services or your contract is up for renewal, you can request more information via your online portal.

Contact us instantly with Online Messaging and Direct Phone Support

We have an online chat facility and also an area for asking questions once logged into your portal.

Should you need project or client specific support including risk management services, we have a system to help you stay ahead of the curve.

As a further support facility, SSN can assess any clients pre-contract to ensure your hard work results in swift payment.

Should you offer trade / client accounts, we can guide you on the stability of the applicant company. This will help bringing stability to your business over the long term.

Free Consultation Support - Anywhere, Anytime

Our free consultation support service can help you understand the requirements of your current needs and display how the network can help. Whether you have a question about an HR issue or you are thinking about closing the doors, our services are here to help.

Referral Programme

Not only is your membership free, you get additional referral programme incentives!

If you refer a client who uptakes the services via SSN, a referral reward will be agreed per referral. This could be anything from further service discounts to extended consultancy and so much more!

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